From Traveller To Mama To Be: My Pregnancy Journey So Far

The past 3 years have seen some big changes in our lives. From living abroad and backpacking for a year to getting married, buying a house and getting a puppy. We’ve been doing a lot of “growing up” and “adulting” since relocating to Brisbane, Australia.

Life in my thirties has been completely different to life in my twenties. I’m no longer routine free, debt free and immersing myself in different cultures on the daily. Instead, I work Monday to Friday, get stuck in peak hour traffic on the daily and have a mortgage to pay. Does this mean life is less fun and fulfilling? Absolutely not! Life is what you make it after all and I’m still a wanderer at heart. My adventures are just a little different these days.

On November 28th 2018 Tom and I received the best and most exciting news yet. We are having a baby!! I’ve wanted to be a mum ever since I can remember so I could not be more excited and more grateful that my time is about to come (in 17 more weeks to be exact!)


Like everything in life, my pregnancy journey so far has been a bit of a rollercoaster full of ups and downs. I struggled with extreme fatigue and nausea for the first 16 weeks. The fatigue was all consuming and completely blinding, I’ve never felt tiredness like that before. The nausea was the worst! I honestly HATE feeling nauseous, I would rather any other sick feeling than that and I also have a ridiculous fear of vomiting . This was quite a torturous time for me.  The worst part was having to hide this from my friends and co workers and pretend to be feeling completely fine when in reality I was wondering what would happen if I threw up in the bin next to my desk at work (this never happened thankfully).

I also found a new level of irritability I never knew could exist. The smallest things would ENRAGE me. Poor Tom had to deal with this new crazy, irrational wife for a couple of weeks before it thankfully went away (hormones, hey?). I’m definitely far less patient than I used to be but thankfully I don’t feel as crazy as I did in those first few weeks.


I’m now 22 weeks and the second trimester has been treating me far more kindly. I still have the odd day here and there where my nausea comes back and I’m always in some kind of pain and discomfort (like having a baby push on your bladder all day), but feeling the baby’s little kicks every day make it all worth it.

One thing I’ve learnt is that pregnancy is definitely a time of CHANGE. From friends distancing themselves from you and receiving far less invites to social events (because you’re boring now that you’re pregnant?), to a rapidly expanding body, to your clothes fitting one week and then not the next, to learning how to sew because you don’t want to pay $30 for a bassinet sheet, to spending your spare time reading about breast pumps and hypnobirthing (who am I?!).

Our lives are about to be (and already are becoming) completely different. Even though all of the changes so far haven’t always been good, I LOVE change. Change keeps life fresh and exciting and continues to push and challenge you in ways you never expect. Change helps us to grow and understand what we really want out of life. I couldn’t be more happy and excited about this wild ride we are on.

Does this mean our traveling days are over? Of course not! My traveling days will only be over when I’m physically unable to. We are off on our last baby free overseas adventure next week and I can’t wait! So stay tuned for my next travel blog (it’s been a year since the last!).

I’ve been really MIA on here and I’ve decided it’s time to start writing again. So, stick to my travel section if you aren’t interested in babies or stick around for the lifestyle side of things for all things baby, puppy and Brisbane related!



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