What no one tells you about Las Vegas

More often than not, when we think of Las Vegas we think of crazy parties, getting so wasted we forget our own name, gambling away our money and plenty of scantily clad women wondering around. Come on, we’ve all seen the movie ‘The hangover’.

Although all of the above is true, the thing no one tells you about Las Vegas is that you don’t have to par take in all those activities to have a good time. Yep! I said it. You don’t have to drink and gamble to enjoy Vegas. There is so much MORE to it than that.

A few weeks ago, two of my girlfriends and I set off on an adventure to Las Vegas for 5 days. Although we are all always up for a good time, it is unlikely you would find us getting sweaty on the dance floor of a club every night. I was a little worried as to what we would do in Vegas because of this but I was in for a big surprise!

Las Vegas to me is hard to wrap my head around. It’s like a random city in the middle of the desert on steroids. Everything is so extravagant and over the top. From the painted sky ceilings in the shopping malls to the replica world monuments such as the Eiffel Tower and the Statue of Liberty, to the famous fountains at the Bellagio. It really is a remarkable place.

Vegas sure does have it’s glamorous side filled with expensive cocktails, fancy restaurants, exclusive clubs and women in corsets dealing cards and dancing on the tables in the casino but there are lots of other things to enjoy too. Here is my list of six things to enjoy in Vegas that don’t involve partying or gambling.

1.See a show

There a quite a few different options of shows to see in Vegas but an absolute ‘must see’ is a Cirque du Soleil show. I saw the Beattles- Love show. It was AMAZING. There was so much talent and great music, I couldn’t stop smiling for hours after the show.


2. Go on the High Roller

The High roller opened for business in 2014. It is a huge Ferris wheel located in the Linq hotel and casino. The highest point of the Ferris wheel reaches 550m and is now the tallest observation deck in the world. It offers you absolutely stunning views of Vegas from above. I would recommend going at night so you can see all the beautiful lights. You can even pay a little extra and go in a cabin with a bar

3. See the botanical gardens at the Bellagio Hotel and Casino

The botanical gardens are located right inside the shopping mall of the Bellagio hotel and covers 14000 square ft with flowers, plants and trees. Five times a years the exhibit changes to mimic Chinese New Year, spring, summer, fall and winter. It was spring when we were there and it was an absolutely stunning Japanese garden. The best part is 90% of the conservatory is recycled and it’s free to go and see.


4. Take a gondola ride at the Venetian hotel and casino

Even just wondering around the Venetian is breath taking. The whole place is inspired by the beautiful city of Venice, Italy. There is even a water canal running down the shopping mall and outside complete with a replica Rialto bridge, gondola rides and gondoliers serenading you with Italian songs.


5. Watch the famous fountains at the Bellagio hotel and casino

The fountains happen every half an hour and are choreographed to music. They are so awesome to watch both equally during the day and night.


6. Go shopping

The shopping here in Vegas is so diverse. You can shop in expensive designer shops such as Fendi and Channel in the Aria shopping mall or you can shop at more low key kind of shops such as H & M and the Gap at the mile one shopping mall in Planet Hollywood. There are also lots of outlet shopping malls located off the strip for some super cheap shopping.

Don’t get me wrong, we enjoyed cocktails, champagne and nights spent in awesome bars but I wanted to let everyone one that there are many different sides to Las Vegas than the typical party stereotype. I would highly recommend going there.

Go find out for yourself!

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