25 Things I learned in Central America

1. More locals speak English here than in South America (since NO ONE in South America does).

2. You still need basic Spanish to survive here, plus it’s much more interesting when you can have a conversation (sort of) with a local.

3. Public transport is almost always the best way to go as tourist buses and shuttles are usually 4x the price.

4.There may be an actual chicken riding the famous “chicken buses” with you.

5. It’s hot. Like reaaalllllllyyyyyy hot. You’ll spend most of your time being a hot, sweaty mess.

6. Due to the heat and humidity, there was no point in bringing a blow dryer or straightener. (I know, I know! You shouldn’t bring them backpacking any way).

7. The Caribbean doesn’t always mean white sand and clear waters.

8. Sand flies wont bite you if you smother yourself in coconut oil.

9. You actually start to look forward to eating rice and beans for breakfast…and lunch..and dinner..

10. It’s perfectly normal to see a cow on the beach.

11. Some beaches are full of manta rays, so you have to shuffle your feet along the sand whilst walking in the water so as to not get stung.

12. Having a hot shower and flushing your toilet paper is a luxury.

13. It’s normal to see anything from Sloths, Howler monkeys and giant Iguanas in the trees at the beach.

14. There appears to be no such thing as vegetables in local dishes.

15. Just because you pay to use a toilet, doesn’t mean it will be clean..or have toilet paper..or running water.

16. You have to equalise your mask when you swim deep.


17. Pura Vida may just be the best phrase I’ve ever heard.

18. People who have less, give more.

19. Western food here sucks (to put it politely) so stick to the local food. After all, you didn’t travel half way around the world to eat a crappy hamburger did you?

20. You can learn something new and inspiring from every person you meet.

21. A smile goes a long way.

22. Border crossings are confusing and disorganised.

23. Drinking water from the tap is a luxury.

24. Nicaraguans love rocking chairs, and apparently so do I!

25. Sailing the San blas islands in Panama is going to be tough to beat.


Central America is truly an Amazing place to travel to. From mountains, volcanoes and beaches to yoga, surfing, trekking, zip lining and white water rafting it truly has everything to entertain any kind of traveller. I couldn’t recommend it more!

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