25 Things I learned in South East Asia


  1. I felt like a giant

2. Squat toilets are gross, inconvenient and hard to use

3. You should always carry your own toilet paper as apparently it’s not a necessity

4. The food is AMAZING

5. Vietnamese people actually eat dogs, it’s not a myth. They also eat cats (so does Tom apparently)

6. Whether it’s from sweat or rain, you will always be wet

7. Beeping your horn is essential, especially in Vietnam

8. No matter how many times you say “No spicy” in Thailand, it still comes out spicy

9. There’s no such thing as ‘personal space’

10. There’s also no such thing as lining up, it’s perfectly acceptable to push in front of other people (my biggest pet hate!)

11. Crossing the road is an art form

12. Not all Asian’s know karate

13. Riding a motorbike is the best, cheapest way to go exploring around town

14. There’s a LOT of pollution. When riding a motorbike or riding in a tuk tuk it’s a good idea to wear a mask

15. You will always have a family of geckos in your hotel room

16. It’s perfectly normal to see a lady chopping off the heads of live frogs on the side of the road. (note: the frogs were screaming)

17. A budget hotel is almost always the same price and two dorm beds

18. There are chickens EVERYWHERE. In the streets, in the restaurants, outside KFC, on planes, boats and motorbikes

19.. Street food is always a good idea (just choose a busy stall)

20. Flying is so cheap! Air Asia has flights for as low as $9 at times (but you have to pay for luggage, so pack light)

21. My stomach and Asia are NOT friends

22. Asia has a little bit of everything. Stunning beaches, rolling mountains and bustling cities

23. It’s perfectly normal to push and shove each other

24. The locals are always extremely friendly, smiley and willing to help (except in the north of Vietnam)

25. Everyone speaks English so it’s super easy to travel!

I LOVED every part of South East Asia. The good, the bad and all the times I got sick. It’s hard to put into words just how amazing all these countries really are. When people ask me what my favourite place was, I honestly can’t choose just one. Do yourselves a favour and add South East Asia to your list of places to visit. You wont regret it!

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