Why wish away 5 beautiful days?

After recently returning from almost 5 years abroad and attempting to reintegrate back into the “real world” (whatever that is), I have been noticing one common theme. Does the saying “I wish it was the weekend already” sound familiar to you? I hear this almost every day and I’ll admit, the thought unfortunately crosses my mind sometimes too. I say ‘unfortunately’ because why would you ever want to wish away 5 beautiful days just for the sake of the weekend? 

Simply because you potentially have to go to work 5 days of the week, does not mean you should only ‘live for the weekends’. You have five other days in that week you can be filling with things that excite you, fulfil you, make you happy and set your soul on fire. 
Some of us have found a career that does all of the above for you, but for those of us that haven’t how do we fix this problem and make every day count? 

Don’t let having a ‘long day at work’ become an excuse.Sure, work can be tiring and stressful and sometimes all we want to do at the end of a work day is curl up on the couch and watch trashy tv and that’s totally ok, but don’t let this be your excuse every day. Get out there, do something and make this day exciting! Whether it be going to the gym, going for a walk, grabbing a coffee with a friend or partner or going out for a cheeky mid week dinner or movie.

Always have something to look forward to at the end of your work day. This can be something so simple like cooking your favorite meal, attending a fitness class, watching a movie on Netflix with your partner , reading a good book with a glass of wine or something bigger like catching up with a friend for dinner or a drink and a chat about your week. 

Always be learning something new. Learning something new all the time keeps our bodies and minds fresh. In my opinion, less is always more when it comes to routine. If you get yourself in a regimented routine, you will soon find yourself heading straight down the pathway with a giant sign saying “to get stuck in a rut, turn this way”. Having somewhat of a routine is healthy, but having a really strict routine is what is going to make you stop trying out new things. Learning something new can be as simple as learning a new recipe, trying a new hobby, learning a new skill, learning more about the place you are living and trying out new places to eat and hang out. Tuesday night does not always have to be take out night, go on..live on the edge and have it on a Thursday this week! (Haha) 

So please, lets all do ourselves a favour and make a conscious effort to make every day count in any way we can. The words “I wish it was the weekend” should be completely banned from your vocabulary. Life is too short to be living a boring life of wishing away our days.  I really believe these few simple steps will make living in the “real world” a lot easier to swallow. 


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