Our new friend

Today as I walked out of my hostel room for breakfast, I saw a cute dog staring at me. I said hello to it and it wagged its tail and let me pat it. She sat and waited while we had breakfast then let me pat her some more. The hostel owners said she wasn’t theirs but she often comes here. We went back to our room to get ready for the day. As we left our room, there she was at the door waiting for us. As we set off down the street she followed us.


She loved walking in between Tom and I.

She followed us all around the plaza as we searched for some wineries. She waited for us outside while we got a map from the travel agent and she even followed us into the restaurant and slept at my feet as we had lunch.
Her collar said Federika but I called her Pimiento which means pepper in Spanish. My new friend literally followed us all over town. Sometimes she sat and rested in the shade while we walked on but she always managed to find us and would come bounding up to us and lick me with happiness. She was so cute and really made my already awesome day just that much better.
After a few hours Pimiento left us to go play with her friends in the park, I was sad to see her go.I hope she’s waiting for me at breakfast tomorrow!


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