10 reasons to love Argentina

After only being in Argentina for a short 8 days and only visiting Salta and Cafayate so far, I have fallen completely and utterly head over heels in love with this country. I can’t wait to see what the next four weeks have to offer.

Here’s ten reasons to love Argentina…
1. After travelling through Peru and Bolivia, Argentina blissfully feels like you have stepped back into the 21st century again.
2. You can eat salads and street food and pretty much anything you like without being paranoid you are going to get sick later.
3. The wine. So far the wine we’ve tasted has been probably the best I’ve ever had. If you haven’t tried a Malbec you need to…now.


4. Argentinians are super friendly! It’s normal to kiss strangers on the cheek, service is always with a smile and people just generally want to help a tourist out instead of trying to find a way to make money off them.
5. They talk in a funny Spanish accent. The ‘double L’ is suddenly said as a ‘sh’ instead of a ‘yo’. Pollo is now said as posho. (As if Spanish wasn’t hard enough for me to understand)
6. The meat. Argentinians really know their shit when it comes to meat. They have so many different cuts of meat I have never seen before and it’s always BBQ’d on a big grill and is extremely tender. Asados and Parilladas are just so delicious! If you’re like me and usually cut every single piece off fat off your steak…forget it!! It’s all about the big fat juicy steaks over here.


7. There are helarderia’s (ice cream shops) everywhere you look and it’s always so yum! Yesterday i had banana with dulce de leche and today I had wine flavoured ice cream, how crazy is that!?


8. Dulce de leche. I am completely addicted to this little slice of heaven. It’s basically condensed milk that has been cooked and caramelised. You can spread it on bread or pancakes for breakfast or its in lots of deserts and ice cream. I really just want to buy a big tub of it and eat it with a spoon, it’s THAT good!


9. Empanadas. These little parcels of goodness are all the rage in Argentina. It’s a typical food from here and can be brought at basically every place that sells food and for a cheap price! Usually you can choose from Carne (meat), Pollo (chicken) or Queso (cheese) and its served with a spicy salsa. My favourite are the Carne ones!
10. The landscapes. From cactus strewn deserts to vineyards to Rocky Mountains and big cities. I’ve seen it all and I’ve only visited two places so far. The scenery is forever changing and extremely beautiful.


Argentina, I love you more and more each day I spend here!


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